What you’re looking at here is the cutest little badass V-8 I’ve ever seen, shipped all the way from New Zealand. Motorcycle aficionados might recognize half the engine, as it’s from a BMW S1000RR. The clever folks at Synergy took two of those cylinder banks and mated them to a billet crankcase to create a 2000cc V-8 that revs to 14,600 rpm, the same ceiling as the S1000RR. The team’s Nick Rogers says the motor produces a stout 420 hp rated at its billet crank, and he says you could have one of your own for about $50-60k.

Taking a cue from MO’s more is more attitude, the CMR Bonneville effort brought two cars powered by the Synergy V-8 to the salt flats: Cookie and Wairua. Cookie is an early-1990s Nissan Sunny (NX2000, pictured above) that went 184 mph on Bonneville timing before it destroyed its Honda K20 transmission. Wairua is a slippery streamliner that reached 260 mph to set a new record in the G/FS category.


    The Spirit bike from Indian is beautiful. The old Honda reminds me of a bike my neighbor had. A lot of interesting machines.

  • Starmag

    My votes are for that tractor thing because it has a cartoonish moose hood ornament, and also for the dual engine scout because it’s beautiful and street legal. Flat heads V-twins have a cool blaaaty sound so two must be even better.

  • john phyyt

    Hey Bob (Lewis) that is one great looking motorcycle. And you ,if anything, you look even better. If i see you around . Drinks are on me if you tell me about how you stayed faithful all those years

  • Great roundup!

  • You missed Steve “Brew Dude” Garn and his record setting 1972 350 RD. Great little bike and he set 3 AMA records this year. Not too bad for 60 year guy from North Carolina! This was great round up of shots from my favorite place.

  • Daimyo

    “80 years old and he’s still competing on the bike he bought in high school”

    A god among men.

    Great to see so many Indians, that twin scout sure is something.