1. Alpine (Downhill) Ski Racing and Motorcycle Roadracing

Olympic Alpine Skiing

Skillful application of honed techniques, sheer physical reflex and coordination, and intense mental focus are the downhill ski racer’s primary tools for achieving the quickest time (read: fastest!) while negotiating a steep path filled with short arcs and sweeping turns.

If you could toss in other racers at the same time, the many forms of downhill ski racing (slalom, giant slalom, super gs, etc.) would be a lot like roadracing.

Road Racing

Now that former MotoGP World Champion Casey Stoner is retired, it might just be time for him to take up downhill ski racing.

Unlike downhillers, roadracers compete first and foremost directly against other racers and not the clock. Not unlike skiers, however, roadracers must also achieve as much controlled speed as possible while navigating turns of varying radii and direction, in addition to knowing when and how to effectively scrub speed and accelerate at all the right points in the course.

Maybe the most appealing similarity (at least visually) between downhill ski racers and motorcycle roadracers are the stunning lean angles they maintain while fighting the undeniable forces of physics.

Speeds inherent in ski racing and roadracing often precipitate some spectacular crashes. Though disparate, both sports are thrilling to compete in and watch. Both sports kick ass!