4. Snowboard Cross –to- Motocross/Supercross

Sochi Snowboard Cross

Snowboard cross combines familiar elements of the snowboarding world, like big-air jumps in half-pipe freestyle and the high speeds seen in downhill snowboarding, all into one race. Add in snowboarders racing side by side on this type of combined course, and there’s no telling which skilled racer will crash off a jump or which one will cross the finish line in good form.

Looks and sounds a lot like supercross (arenacross) and motocross to us, even down to the multi-racer gated starts.


I totally wish we could do this in the snow.

Motocross racers have the unenviable but entertaining task of contending with big jumps, slow-speed hairpin turns, and short but brutal spans of ruts, whoops, and whatever else race organizers want to mix in, leaving the racers to battle this course for several laps.

Just as the snowboard cross course can change the face of the race in a heartbeat, the supercross/motocross track can make a meal out of top riders, leaving the door wide open for the guy you thought was off the radar.