7. Brake Pad Swap


Yes, you can wait until bike’s brake pads reach their service limits, but if, after a quick check as you prepare to flush the hydraulic system, you find that they are nearing the end of life, why not be proactive and give your bike some off-season love in new brake pads (if you aren’t changing the pads along with the hydraulic fluid, leaves some room in the master cylinder for the caliper pistons to displace the fluid into when you do decide to replace the pads). By changing the pad compound, you might even improve brake power, feel, or both. For an even more noticeable improvement and a more customized look, you could…

  • Alexander Pityuk

    I try extremely hard to not think and forget about my bikes during the winter. So no maintenance mid-season for me.

  • Born to Ride

    I thought winterizing your ride meant putting on a layer of thermal underpants? Oh wait, this article must be for the poor miserable souls that don’t have a 365 and 1/4 day riding season. God, how I pity them…

  • Old MOron

    Well, I’d been avoiding this article because I hate maintenance, and because I live in SoCal, anyway. But this is good advice and well-written. Just the other day, I was lamenting that my wear bars are nearing prominence. Aw shucks, I’ll have to get off my ass soon.