8. Brake Fluid Change


Hydraulic fluids have a taste for water and will gradually suck moisture past the rubber seals in your calipers. If left inside the system for extended periods, they can cause corrosion that can interfere with the operation of the calipers. Additionally, if your fluid is contaminated with water, heavy use of the brakes will raise the temperature to the point where the water will boil (at a significantly lower level than pure fluid) causing spongy feeling at the lever or pedal and resulting in less effective braking. Despite this, most of us find changing brake fluid to be a tedious task. So, why not do it when it won’t eat into actual riding time and will give you a reason to caress your motorcycle without raising eyebrows. That sounds like a win-win! As you buy the supplies you need, consider a…

  • Alexander Pityuk

    I try extremely hard to not think and forget about my bikes during the winter. So no maintenance mid-season for me.

  • Born to Ride

    I thought winterizing your ride meant putting on a layer of thermal underpants? Oh wait, this article must be for the poor miserable souls that don’t have a 365 and 1/4 day riding season. God, how I pity them…

  • Old MOron

    Well, I’d been avoiding this article because I hate maintenance, and because I live in SoCal, anyway. But this is good advice and well-written. Just the other day, I was lamenting that my wear bars are nearing prominence. Aw shucks, I’ll have to get off my ass soon.