Every human body comes in its own unique shape and size, but all motorcycles of a particular model are exactly the same when they roll off the assembly line. Unless you’re remarkably lucky, some aspect of your motorcycle’s dimensions will be less than optimum to suit your body type and riding style. Fortunately, you can take steps to customize your motorcycle’s fit to your dimensions and the type of riding you do. While some of these suggestions require altering or replacing parts, many can radically alter your riding experience for the better with only basic tools and a little elbow grease. Take a look at the photo below to see how changing the handlebar-to-seat and the peg-to-seat dimensions can alter the angles – and the comfort – of the rider’s appendages.

  • Alexander Pityuk

    Just change damn bike 🙂

    • fastfreddie

      hehe.The rich mans solution:)

  • JWaller

    How about losing the gut? My bike always fits better whenever I’ve been working on my own personal fitness.

    • Rightwheel

      What’s wrong with having the bike fit me as I am?

  • Terry Morgan

    the rise of the handlebar grips is also important to see ahead in traffic, sitting up allows you to be seen better, too. My Ducati which is already a very low and compact bike benefited from the riser style of clip-on handlebars.

  • DickRuble

    Interesting that in the gif provided, all positions look uncomfortable. Nice and subtle infomercial for Kawasaki.

  • Diebenkorn

    “If you ride with a couple fingers covering the front brake lever – and you should…”

    No no no you shouldn’t. Why would you want two fingers to do the work of four in an emergency situation while crushing the other two still on the throttle and hindering the travel distance of the brake lever?

    • Jim Jones

      Good brakes only require two fingers.

      • Diebenkorn

        For experienced riders only. It’s irresponsible of Motorcycle.com to infer that ALL riders should adopt the practice.

        • Rightwheel

          All riders should cover the brake, and if they don’t know how they should learn quickly. I have found myself already braking before I even thought about it, which wouldn’t happen sans fingers covering the lever.

  • Jim Jones

    Windshield to tall or making to much noise? Figure out a way to tilt it back toward the rider. Less noise. Sore butt? The Air Hawk seat pad is the best.