6. Hi-Viz gear/Motorcycle color


Yeah, we all know that basic black leather is the motorcyclist’s official riding gear. We love our classic black gear, too. However, we don’t want to die for fashion, so you will often see us riding with gear that has bright colors. While the uninformed may think that we are simply following the obscure mating rituals of our sub-species by puffing ourselves up to please members of the opposite sex for future reproductive purposes – and they might not be wrong – we have already succeeded in getting them to focus on us through our outlandishly colored gear. There’s a reason that firefighters and other emergency worker’s uniforms are made out of high-visibility material. The colors are so ugly that we can’t look away.

You can also achieve the same result by painting your motorcycle one of these offensive colors. In this case, a solid color will be better than a fancy pattern since the pattern builds in visual distraction. Still, bright colors are good. Perhaps the OE graphics of the late ’80s and early ’90s weren’t so bad after all.

Photo courtesy of Aerostich.