3. Motus RCR


You remember Motus, right? Makers of the MST and MSTR all-American Sport-Touring bikes powered by a “Baby Block” 1650cc pushrod V-4, basically a small-block Chevy V-8 cut in half, Motus had a little fun and collaborated with Michigan-based Race Car Replicas to place its distinct engine inside this replica of a 1958 Ferrari F1 car. It took four weeks to build the car, and then it was shuttled off to Austin, Texas and the Circuit of the Americas track for the MotoGP race in April 2014. Check out this video to hear the wonderful roar from the V-4. While clearly a one-off (though you could always purchase the engine and replica body kit yourself), the combination of classic F1 styling mixed with the character-rich Motus engine, makes for a strange yet perfect combination of car and motorcycle.