4. Radical SR1


The Suzuki Hayabusa engine has long been a popular candidate for transplanting into car applications. When it comes to racing applications, however, UK outfit Radical have taken the ‘Busa engine and built an entire bespoke race car around it. The SR1 is the product of that development. Built to resemble a miniature Le Mans prototype racer, the SR1 is actually Radical’s entry-level racing car. It’s claimed to make 185 hp, have a max speed of 138 mph and be able to attain 2.3 cornering Gs. Paddle shifters row through the six gears. In the UK, Radical has a dedicated series for the SR1, with aspiring racers piloting identical SR1s while getting comprehensive training and coaching through the entire eight-race season. All this for £37,500 (roughly $57,000 USD). That’s a (relative) steal!