5. Campagna T-Rex 16 SP


It would have been foolish to include the V13R without also throwing the T-Rex into the mix. Campagna has been in the business of making unique three wheelers since 1988, and the T-Rex is the company’s bread and butter. The distinct look of the angular T-Rex combines race car styling with a slight nod to street comfort in the form of a roof, bucket seats and even side panniers. But the heart of the T-Rex sits behind the occupants, its 1649cc inline-Six sourced directly from the BMW K1600 series, an engine we at MO rate in high regard. We tried to get our hands on the $66,999 T-Rex as part of our “Is This A Motorcycle?” Shootout, but our requests came back unanswered. Despite the snub, we’ll gladly accept the offer, if it ever comes, after the fact.