2. Torque Wrench

ratchetsIf you don’t want to strip bolts or have them come loose out on the road, a torque wrench is the only way to make sure that your bike’s fasteners are set to factory specifications. Torque wrenches (top: lb.-ft.; middle: lb.-in.) measure the amount of twisting force applied to a fastener. While many people understand the importance of maintaining specific torque measurements on sensitive items, like cylinder heads or clutch baskets, all parts have a recommended torque value – if not outlined explicitly in the OEM manual, then by the standard torque for a bolt of a certain size. Oh, and don’t succumb to the temptation of using the leverage of a torque wrench to break loose stuck fasteners. You run the risk of knocking it out of calibration. Besides, that’s why you buy a breaker bar (second from top).