3. Mule Custom Front Hub


This is for all the Triumph stuff I do. It accepts Ducati rotors. It’s the perfect width, and if I want to build a café racer, a street tracker, a dirt bike, a sport bike, anything with wire wheels, a chopper – and it has dual-disc capability. If I want to run one disc, whoosh, you just buzz the lugs off one side, now you’ve got a single-disc hub. Really good bearings, it’s just something I came up with, and I’ve got 40 on the way. It’s not superlight, it’s 2024, which is like 7075, real strong. Everybody talks about 6061, oooooo aircraft. It’s to the point where you’d think you’ve got two basic elements on the planet: 6061 and dirt. I just started building these. Ducati rotors are real easy to get, on eBay and wherever.

I have a lightweight rear hub, too, but they’re all out getting anodized. That, on the Triumph, with my hub, aluminum sprocket, my cut-down disc and an aluminum rim – takes 14 pounds off a stock Triumph rear wheel.