Last week, you got so cold that you couldn’t put your feet down in time and fell over when you came to a stop light. If that weren’t embarrassing enough, you had to struggle to stand up – before even attempting to lift your bike – with a group of onlookers watching from the warmth of their cars. So, you decided that, instead of tucking your bike away for its long winter’s nap, you just needed to don more layers to keep the cold at bay. Now, you’re faced with a different problem: How do you mount and then control your motorcycle in your statue-like condition.

  • Sayyed Bashir

    Good points. I am in NorCal and it is getting close to freezing at night. I ride all year, but my Harley was having trouble starting yesterday morning so I topped off the battery at work. I will be charging the battery on the KTM 1190 R and the Harley once a week just to be on the safe side. Today the Harley’s idle was too high because it was so cold. Last weekend I rode the KTM with friends in the Sierra Nevada at 4500 feet. The fire roads were covered in snow and slippery mud. Even Hwy 20 had a thin layer of snow (the snow plows keep it down) and possibly ice. The tall pine trees on both sides were covered in snow which was falling on our heads in big chunks. I was wearing winter gloves and had heated grips on max but still my hands were frozen. I just ordered a adapter cable so I can use the comfortable heated gloves for the Harley on the KTM. I don’t use any other heated gear and am quite comfortable in thermal leggings, a jacket liner, a flannel shirt and a neck warmer.

  • SRMark

    There is nothing quite like holding that warm cup of coffee.

  • Starmag

    When younger and dumber I rode with snow in the streets where I was born in Wisconsin just so I could ride more. Made a not-so-easy move to Florida so I could ride year round, but now the riding itself kind of sucks. There’s about 14 turns in FL with 9 of them in Daytona Speedway. There are compromises everywhere. One of the bonuses to a cold weather spot is that many riders work on awesome motorcycle projects/restorations during winter, then in spring bring them out to show at things like the Slimey Crud Cafe Racer Run.

  • Michael Howard

    How about when the shocks and forks are so cold and stiff it’s basically a rigid rear and front?