There’s all kinds of reasons why we ride motorcycles, and everyone who does ride claims ownership of a few of these reasons. But there’s an increasing amount of female motorcyclists with uniquely feminine reasons for riding motorcycles. In celebration of July being Women’s Motorcycling Month, we comprised a list of reasons why women should become motorcyclists. Just remember, ladies, this list was written by a man (who really tried not to mess it up too badly), so an open mind and a sense of humor is encouraged.

  • DickRuble

    The title should read “Top 10 reasons women should become motorcyclists”. The proper use of English by motorcycle writers is certainly not one of the reasons women will become interested in riding.

    • Tinwoods

      If you’re going to be nit-picky about grammar, that period at the end of your quote should be placed before the quotation mark.

      • DickRuble

        The period goes after because what is between the quotation marks is a title. A title is not followed by a period. The period closes a sentence, which has verb. Now, had you kept quiet, nobody would have known you’re clueless. Given the positive feedback you got, there are at least 8 other clueless readers on this board so don’t feel lonely.

        • Zach G.

          All depends on whether you’re using American or British English. American English standardized the use of the period within the quotation whereas British English gives the writer freedom to distinguish where the quotation should be placed in relationship to context of the sentence.

          That being said, you seem to be quite frustrated by people calling you out on grammar. Maybe you should realize that when you call others out as well. Grammar isn’t the ultimate measure of who you are. Relax, and ride your bike some more to de-stress if you need it.

          • DickRuble

            Not stressed out at all. You seem to miss the point that within the quotation is a title. Do you see a period at the end of the article’s title?

          • Zach G.

            I did get your point. Like I said, American or British English. Doesn’t matter whether the title has the period. In American English, the period goes inside the quotation if it ends the sentence, end of story. Using British English rules you would be able move the period outside of the quotation and satisfy your point. Color or colour, potato or potatoe, etc.

            You seem to miss my point of calling posters who disagree with you “an ignorant backwoods hick” and “at least 8 other clueless readers.” You corrected grammar that wasn’t even incorrect (a title doesn’t require correct sentence structure) and then chose to insult anyone who noticed a grammatical error of your own. It’s ok, it’s the Internet. Heck, several of my sentences in the post aren’t grammatical. It doesn’t really matter, no need to get that upset about it. Have a good day and enjoy the ride.

          • artist_formally_known_as_cWj

            “Backwoods hick” -> silly, uncalled for

            “Doesn’t matter whether the title has the period.” -> uh, my american english books said periods outside when the quotation doesn’t end in punctuation or is a title. i prefer the specific route.

            and, yes, i am completely and blissfully aware that this was typed in internet comment section casual rather than standard american english prose.

  • grindathon T

    you missed the single most important reason why chicks should ride. so the guys can get which ever bike they want and not the one that has the most comfortable pillion seat. how could you have overlooked this!!!!!!!!

  • kenpo

    “Progressive men are accepting of, as well as attracted to, the female empowerment” Really… really….which leads one to believe that the opposite is true for conservative men. I had to burst your bubble, but as a conservative leaning man I applaud all the women riders out there including my wife and her friends!!!

    • artist_formally_known_as_cWj

      Or this is just indicative of your conditioned to labels.

      There’s nothing in that sentence that says you can’t be conservative and progressive.

  • Lastango

    “Progressive men are accepting of, as well as attracted to, the female empowerment riding a motorcycle brings.”

    You’ve got to be kidding. Progressive men are weenies. It’s easy to recognize one because he’s falling all over himself to say empowerment stuff to women. Even feminists can’t stand them.

  • Agent_J

    Unfortunately, when I tried women’s motorcycle gear when I last was in the market (a year or two ago) they only made it for the most petite of women. I was a misses 12 and could not fit any that was produced for women.

    This past spring my wife and I took an 8,000 mile loop around the US on our motorcycles (me on a 2002 ZR-7s and her on a 1998 BMW R1100R pulling a PiggyBacker XL.) We chatted with a lot of women who were interested and gave them encouragement. However, my favorite happened in Forest City, Arkansas, which is a tiny crossroad town at the intersection of a US route and Interstate 40. We had stopped for gas but needed to get off the bikes for a bit so pulled into a chain restaurant and parked near the door. While getting our gear off a family of four, with two young girls, walked by. The youngest, likely just under age 5, saw us and exclaimed, “I didn’t know girls rode motorcycles!” Well, now she does!

  • fastfreddie

    That last picture is epic!Even though I loath BMW’s.Bring ’em on:)

    • Randy S

      Agreed. Amazing capture. BMWs are sometimes cool though. This is one instance. 😀

  • Matt Ates

    You lose all credibility the moment you write an article claiming someone who does stunt riding is better than most male/female riders out there. Doing wheelies is a specialized riding style that requires related skills that come from relevant training, it doesn’t automatically make that person better than most riders on the road.

    Heck, it doesn’t even mean that person will actually be a good rider on the road when you consider all the different traffic, road and whether conditions, those skills may not even come into play!

  • I don’t need to read this, I know. almost 3 decades on 2 wheels and I still couldn’t live without it. It was neat to pull up to a light at Hollywood & Cahuenga tonight after work between two other commuters. One was also female. I leaned over to the guy and said “you’re outnumbered” He just smiled, seemed pretty happy about it. More AMERICANS need to ride, of all genders, every day, everywhere. It breaks my heart to see all these people sitting in their little cages going nowhere at “rush” hour.

    • Alf Torp

      Yeah. Americans. NOBODY ELSE!!! 😛

      • because the rest of the world is ALREADY USING motorcycles and scooters as primary transportation in cities. America just needs to overcme its brainwashing by the auto industry.

        • Alf Torp

          I understand what you mean. However, the situation is pretty much the same in the majority of Europe as well. Far too few two-wheelers around, though there are more than in the US. Safe travels.

  • 2WheelsinWyoming

    Oh, chill out, guys. Go for a ride and you won’t care where the period is in relation to the quotation marks or what kind of riding makes the better rider. Sheesh! Get a grip on the throttle and get out there. Life is short. Ride as much as you can on as many bikes as you can. Ride across town or across the country. Ride to go shopping. Ride to work. Ride to dinner. Ride to get away from it all. Just ride. It’s one of life’s greatest pleasures.

  • Guest

    Not trying to be a raging dick, super appreciate the article. But I recognized many of those images you used, and none of them have credits? Did you get permission from the artists? 🙁

    Le sigh.

  • #7 – hahahahaha. nice job guys.

  • fastfreddie

    Reason 11:You can stop earlier for that beer you crave,and they can soldier on afterwards!