8. Great to learn on


The debate about whether the SV is a good beginner bike has been waged for a long time. Here’s my take: if you’ve never ridden any sort of motorcycle before, the SV isn’t where you should start. However, if you’re competent on a dirtbike, or have a good sense of balance and a mastery of operating a clutch, then give the SV a look. The naked models, with handlebars instead of clip-ons, sit you more upright and make it a little easier to perform tight maneuvers like U-turns. Then, once you get proficient riding on the street, the SV is also great for learning track skills, too.

More than just a good motorcycle to learn to ride, the SV, and its relative lack of bodywork, is also a good candidate for learning how to wrench. The oil filter is right there in the open to make oil changes a breeze. Once you get the hang of that, the exhaust is easily accessible, too. And the list goes on and on…