1. Isle Of Man TT

Isle of Mann TT

While Valencia MotoGP is a three-day long party, when it’s TT time at the Isle of Man, the party doesn’t stop for two weeks. In the rare chance you’ve read this far and haven’t heard of the race, check out the video below and then get lost down a rabbit hole of others from this legendary race.

Perhaps the most dangerous motorcycle race in the world, the most powerful bikes in the Senior TT are hitting 200 mph in certain areas, flying within inches of stone walls, curbs, homes, and pubs. Meanwhile, you, the spectator, are virtually in the thick of the action as many viewing locations are mere feet from the course. The entire island is nuts about the race, and while many of the big-name racers typically stick to their motorhomes, sometimes you’ll find the odd one hanging with the masses in the pubs or around town during their downtime.

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