7. Plan a Road Trip

7. Plan a Road Trip

Back in the analog days of yore, you could spend an entire winter poring over maps and books, planning your summer motorcycle tour. These days the process is so much more complicated. You still need to familiarize yourself with all the pertinent maps and travel books. However, now, you’ve also got to sift through the mountains of information available online about all the must-see destinations near your route. Next, you’ve got to enter all of this information into your travel software, your GPS and the blog you’ve devoted to this trip. Play your cards right, and you could spend your entire off-season and much of the spring working out the most efficient way to fit all these stops into the 9.7 vacation days you have saved up.

  • Steven Holmes

    Disclaimer in #2… Cause of the best laugh I’ve had all week.

  • Campisi

    People wash their motorcycles?

    • Piglet2010

      It’s called riding in the rain. =D

  • I do Medieval re-enactment, swords, bows & arrows and all that sort of dangerous thing. I also track prep for solo motorcycle speedway at our local track.

  • Jeremy

    “lagomorphic”…I laughed.

  • Chris Chubb

    Any day nice enough to wash your bike is a day nice enough to ride it.

  • Jim

    Was that a guy in heels washing that Ducati? Dang, there are some things one just can not un-see.

  • cathries

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