9. Suzuki Recalls a Decade’s Worth of Gixxers


Recalls are a regular part of business in the motorcycle industry, and all manufacturers will find themselves having to correct the occasional defect once in a while. It’s rare, however, for a manufacturer to recall some of its most popular models going back a whole decade.

That was the case this fall when Suzuki initiated a recall of GSX-R motorcycles, spanning model years 2004-2013. That’s ten years’ worth of Gixxers recalled, affecting 210,228 motorcycles in the U.S. alone, and numerous more around the world.

At issue is a “spongy” feeling in the front brakes caused by corroding front master cylinder pistons emitting a gas in the brake fluid. Suzuki’s GSX-R series models have evolved over the last decade, but master cylinders don’t often require updates, hence the large number of models affected.

The final tally in the U.S. included 99,493 units of the GSX-R600, 55,572 units of the GSX-R750 and 55,163 units of the GSX-R1000.