The aftermarket is full of tools to make motorcycles better. Get enough creative minds in enough saddles for enough hours with nothing to do but think about the ride, and you’re sure to find a fertile ground for some great riding accessories. However good these ideas may be, sometimes you just don’t have the scratch to lay out on one of these professionally crafted tools. Then again, maybe the need is so simple that nobody has been able to produce the idea in a way that is cheap enough to be marketable.

Here we’ve gathered some of our favorite motorcycle hacks that we’ve picked up while out on the road. You may think some of these are old news, but if it’s the first time you’ve read one, it’s new to you. So, take a look at our list and let us know in the comments section what we might’ve overlooked.

  • Old MOron

    Good stuff, Evans.

  • An addendum to the latex gloves: If you don’t have any on hand, the plastic gloves they have for free at gas stations will do in a pinch.

  • Re. using garbage bags as wind block, a tip from hobos: newspaper! Besides being easy to find in a garbage can, newspaper has the added advantage over garbage bags of having more “body”, so it’ll stay in place on your arms, legs etc as you pull on your riding gear.

  • Terry Smith

    The tape strip on the visor is an absolute must for low sun conditions. I added this to my helmet in May and can’t see myself ever taking it off. It feels a bit weird at first (like there’s something hanging over your head!), but after a few seconds you don’t notice. Makes no difference to my vision at all, but if I used a racing crouch it might.

  • Gixxerfan

    For cruise control I just used a 4 inch rubber ‘O’ ring washer that i loop over my mirror and handle bar and when I want to use it I can just slide it down between the grip and the kill switch housing. And viola! Much easier than twisting up a piece of wire and much less obtrusive.

  • Steve VandeKieft

    Good stuff here. I think a couple of these will come in handy when need arises.

  • myassbleedsforyou

    great ideas!

  • Josh Mcdonald

    Put the latex glove over your riding glove instead of under it… Even if you have vented gloves they now become insulation under the weatherproof latex. That cruise control looks like something that could end up in your face in the case of an accident.