5. Stoppie


Anyone who has ridden a bicycle knows what a wheelie is, but a stoppie? Simply put, a stoppie (a.k.a. nose wheelie) is applying the front brake with enough force and proper timing to lift the rear wheel. When done correctly, the rear wheel can be lofted to almost vertical. Accomplished riders can even carry a rolling stoppie quite a distance before setting the rear end down. Go too far, and you get to meet mister pavement face first, providing the fodder for endless Youtube videos. If things get really ugly, you might get to experience…

  • fastfreddie

    @#5: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=snY3vktcFe4

    Check out the stoppie at near end.Epic.Pretty cool song too:)

  • Old MOron

    As long as we’re elaborating on slang, the codpiece is worn out in the open.
    It’s the codling that gets discovered.

  • JMDonald

    The guy who tried to beat the ticket is a real piece of work. Calling him a squid is a compliment.

  • Ricky Panda Bear Patel

    what about whisky throttle lol