10. Brain Bucket/Skid Lid


While fairly obviously referring to helmets, the terms brain bucket and skid lid are largely hold-overs from the Bad Old Days when many riders thought helmets were evil and would certainly ruin your street cred. (Although there are still some knuckle-dragging adherents to the “helmets will break your neck” school of thought, ignore them. Like the wooly mammoth, their time has passed.) Your helmet is one of the first things that defines the type of motorcyclist you are – or hope to become. Wear one of those cheap, plastic jobs with the fake DOT sticker, and you’ve tagged yourself as a rider operating with limited brain capacity. These fake helmets can actually do more harm than good.

When it comes to helmets, choose the style you want – just make sure you get a DOT-legal one. But if you’ve got a face you want people to enjoy looking at, a full-face helmet is your best bet.