2. Tar Snake


Although these snake aren’t alive, in the right conditions, they can bite you. Tar snakes are the tar lines that are used to seal cracks in roads. Obviously, they offer less traction than regular payment, but in most riding situations, they aren’t really anything to worry about. However, in wet conditions, they offer approximately the same coefficient of friction as snot and should be avoided. Additionally, in extremely hot weather, they tend to soften and even melt a bit, making them quite treacherous when encountered mid-corner. While tar snakes going across a lane can give you a little wiggle, it’s the ones that run parallel to your path of travel that really need to be avoided. Plan your line accordingly, and you’ll easily survive these squiggly monsters.

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    @#5: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=snY3vktcFe4

    Check out the stoppie at near end.Epic.Pretty cool song too:)

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    As long as we’re elaborating on slang, the codpiece is worn out in the open.
    It’s the codling that gets discovered.

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    The guy who tried to beat the ticket is a real piece of work. Calling him a squid is a compliment.

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