4. Intake


When it comes to adding power and going fast, we trust Brock Davidson and Brock’s Performance. In fact, Brock has a whole page on his website dedicated to Grom go-fast goodies, and one of those bits is this ram air intake kit which replaces the restrictive stock unit. The $169.95 kit includes a Sprint Filter waterproof conical air filter, Chimera ram air intake pipe and all the necessary hardware for a proper install. It’s a direct bolt-on kit, and the beauty of the Sprint Filter is it only requires compressed air for cleaning, no washing and re-oiling necessary. According to the Brock’s Performance dyno, this kit netted a jump in horsepower from 10.31 hp to 11.47 hp, and an increase in torque from 8.10 lb.-ft. to 8.65 lb.-ft. on their test bike. Those numbers may sound small for those used to triple-digit figures from big bikes, but that’s a whopping 11.3% gain in horsepower and an equally impressive 6.8% increase in torque.