5. Suspension

Second to the Grom’s lack of power is its woefully under damped suspension. Designed to be affordable and comfortable on the street, they are far too soft for track duty. We’re fixing that with the help of a JRi double adjustable shock and K-Tech’s fully adjustable fork upgrade kit. The $699 JRi shock is fully adjustable for compression damping (high- and low-speed), rebound damping and spring preload, and is currently the only rear shock upgrade for the Grom available with ride height adjustability. As an added bonus, each JRi shock is manufactured to the specific needs of its rider.

Up front, the $549.95 K-Tech fork upgrade kit also features compression, rebound and preload adjustability, making it the only Grom fork kit on the market today with fully adjustable capabilities. The kit also comes standard with 6.5Nm springs (stock is 5.0Nm) to help firm up the ride, but 6.0Nm and 7.0Nm springs are optional. Fork shafts are hard chrome plated for strength and wear resistance, while internal aluminum fork components are hard anodized to resist contamination. To top it off, the top caps are CNC machined aluminum.