3. Kawasaki KZ2600 V12

Barber Museum Kawasaki KZ2600 V12

Look closely at this Kawasaki KZ1300. Notice anything odd? You’re not supposed to, and that’s exactly how master builder Allan Millyard sets out to do in his builds. However, astute gearheads and KZ1300 enthusiasts will notice the V-shape of the engine. Indeed, Millyard has taken a standard KZ1300 and grafted another set of cylinders and heads to create a V-12!

British enthusiast Millyard is famous for his Kawasaki specials, creating five-cylinder H1 and H2s, as well as a V-8-powered Z1. All of which are housed at the Barber museum. The beauty with this V-12, along with all of Millyard’s creations, is his attention to detail while keeping the motorcycle looking as close to stock as possible. Power numbers aren’t known, but we’re sure this bike is a handful.