The Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area is the place to be if you want to ride in one of the biggest sandboxes you can find in America. Located in the southeast corner of California, Glamis, as it’s referred to locally, features sand dunes that stretch for more than 40 miles in length in a band that averages five miles in width. It’s infamous in SoCal culture for being a popular host to off-road-riding desert rats of every sort, from mild family getaways to wild, all-night partying. There’s simply no other place quite like it.

Recently, we sent contributor John Burns to investigate what it’s like to brave the 300-foot dunes and the riding culture that inhabits this unique area. We’ll be posting his story next week, but in the meantime, here are the top 10 tips he learned during his experience he described as “Like nothing else I’ve ever done on a motorcycle.” –Kevin Duke, Editor-in-Chief

  • Oslo Norway

    Burns, did you really just say, “Baby wipes”? Baby wipes, John? What would Steve McQueen do?

    • john burns

      is moistened towelettes more manly Oslo? Does that ease your pain? Anyway like I told you, McQueen had people to wipe his babies.

      • Oslo Norway

        Oh my…Towelettes, John? Really? You’re killing me slowly here…What in God’s name are those things? Named for the Towelette region in Southern France or something?

        You need to blow the sand out of your nose on your hand or something…Wipe it on your bitching MX pants, they’re impervious to most stuff, have somebody turn a garden hose on ya when you get home.

        • john burns

          It’s the 21st Century, Os, and it’s California. Being macho and observing minimal personal hygiene standards are not mutually exclusive. Gritty cheeks are no good. You’re a veteran and telling me you’ve never used one of Colonel Sanders’ moistened towelettes?

          • Oslo Norway

            That’s different, John, when you are counting mileage by chicken bones you don’t want to grease up the steering wheel for the next guy. Road Atlanta was a bucket…

  • #7 = The best sporting cruiser burnout and brody guy Yamaha EVER had. B-Rad the kite crasher.

    • john burns

      keeps flying too close to the sun.

  • Backroad Bob

    John, is that you? You’ve gone PC? Say it ain’t so. Where’s the JB of old? Where’s the helmet commentary? Where’s the Jack Lewis before there was a Jack Lewis? I demand a re-write!

    • john burns

      what PC?! we’re talking baby wipes in here!

  • Craig Hoffman

    My Glamis tip – do not, under any circumstances, go over Thanksgiving weekend unless you enjoy reenacting Mad Max, beyond Thunderdome – LOL

    Went there years ago on my 500 2 stroker with a paddle tire. Not much could come close to a 500 with a paddle back then. A modern 450 has got to rock it though.
    The sand will embed itself in your foam air filter. Pretty much have to throw them away after riding there if you care about your engine.

    Have not seen much John Burns lately. Always enjoyed reading his irreverent fun take on motorcycling in all it’s forms.

    • john burns

      thankis Craig. irreverent or irrelevant?