With Dad’s day coming up in a little more than two weeks (that’s June 15 for the procrastinators out there), we here at Motorcycle.com wanted to compile a list of things we think all the riding dads out there would like to receive as a token of appreciation. No matter what you ride or where you ride it, over the next three weeks we’ll be bringing you 30 gift ideas sure to satisfy. Each week will be broken down into three different price categories, with this week’s 10 gifts starting at over $100, in ascending order. For the more frugal amongst you, the next two weeks will focus on gifts a bit lower in price. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

  • Over $100? That’s dreaming.

  • Steven Holmes

    heh heh heh. $65k for 1 bike. I could buy 12 bikes with $65k burning a hole in my wallet. Some of them even new!

    I think i’d feel odd riding a bike that costs more than my HOUSE. Much rather have several to play with 🙂

    • Kevin

      Oh go ahead and wish for the bike. If you get one you can always sell it, pay off the house and buy a couple of fun bikes to play with.

  • Old MOron

    Ha ha ha, Harbor Freight!

    For the record, I like some of the items on this list.
    But picking on Harbor Freight is irresistible for a MOron like me.

    • Adam

      Harbor Freight tools are usually built to withstand lying on a flat, stationary surface. Applying any more force than that you are asking for trouble.