The tires are loaned to the teams and remain the property of Michelin. Each tire has a barcode which is scanned the moment it is pulled from the rack. The tires are also scanned while in the pit box and scanned again when returned – either new or used – to Michelin. According to the Michelin rep, “We know at every moment where every tire is and who’s using it.” If the tires get mixed up, riders could be disqualified. While the tires are with the teams, information is catered about the number of laps, tire temp, tire pressure, times, and other information by the technicians in the pits.

In the photo above, the tire markings show: the cross at top means it is cannot be reused, next is the rider number, and finally the serial number for easy viewing on the tire rack. All tires go back to the Michelin technology center where they are analyzed. Once all of the tires have been looked at, they are destroyed.