4. Drying Off After a Wash


A clean motorcycle is a happy motorcycle – unless it’s out on the road actively collecting bugs. So, washing is an essential part of owning a bike. Not only does a shiny ride attract the attention of the gender with whom you hope to have future interpersonal relations, but getting intimate with your bike helps you spot small maintenance items before they turn into major repairs.

However, once you’ve washed your pride and joy, you need to make sure that it has been thoroughly dried. Water is corrosive, and in order to prevent premature aging of the metal components, your motorcycle should be completely dried. You certainly don’t want to use compressed air which can drive the water into crevices where it can do the most harm. Instead, take your bike for a ride. The heat from the engine combined with the breeze created by the motorcycle’s movement through the air will help its components remain corrosion-free.