10. Running Errands


While this excuse is fairly obvious, it’s all too frequently overlooked. Anything that’s small enough to be dropped off or picked up via motorcycle is fair game. This past weekend – on a gloriously sunny day – after several hours of household chores, I heard my wife complain about having to drop off Girl Scout cookies at a friend’s house. Making the supreme sacrifice of performing this chore on a bike (to get through the traffic quicker) netted me a nice 45-minute ride and a few extra Brownie Points with my wife.

The same thing goes for paperwork that needs to be dropped off or kid clothes that were left after a sleepover. Need new bits for the screw gun so you can hang that drywall your spouse has been requesting? Laundry detergent? Pick up a dinner at the restaurant? Go ahead. Be creative. Just be sure they know you’re doing it for them.