1. “Testing” Motorcycles


Yes, this excuse is a little self-serving, but it also happens to be true. As cool as it is to work for a motorcycle publication, we spend the majority of our work days strapped to our computers … typing. With no MO central office where we park our butts during the business day, we all work at home which removes commuting from our arsenal of riding excuses. Consequently, we’ve had to develop a reasonable sounding alternative.

“Testing” is a great catch-all, but if used too frequently, it loses its magic. When the bean counters inquire as to how we plan to spend our time during a particular week, we use certain code words to justify our riding to Those Who Sign Our Paychecks. So, our calendars will frequently have listings like: photo/video shoot, dyno run, swap bikes (meaning one of us rides a bike to another editor’s pad, switches bikes and rides back home), checking range, or meet with a moto industry liaison. We hate to resort to this kind of subterfuge. Really, we do. However, there’s a reason we joined this profession, and it ain’t because we love to type.