2. Commute


There’s an old saying that applies to all learned skills: Use it or lose it. The same can be said of your riding ability. Without proper maintenance, the finely honed edge that is the hallmark of an experienced rider begins to dull. Commuting on your motorcycle prevents creeping technique rot.

The other truism is that, while most people enjoy the benefits of employment (you know, housing, food, clothes, and motorcycles), the time spent working is time that we don’t spend riding. So, why not find a way that you’re guaranteed to ride ten times a week? Studies have shown that people who ride motorcycles to work, daily, are happier, more relaxed yet more productive, better focused, more intelligent, funnier, better looking, more interesting, and far kinder. So, for the good of your employer, your fellow employees, your family, and humanity, ride yer dang motorcycle to work!