9. Seat Padding

041615-top-10-yoshimura-suzuki-superbike-09-Seat padding

Your standard GSX-R1000 seat is soft and padded, at least compared to a proper racing motorcycle. Here we see Jake Lewis’ office chair. As you can see the padding is minimal, since racers move from side to side multiple times per lap. Comfort isn’t a priority, and feeling the bike underneath is more important. That hump of padding at the rear? Lewis prefers to have that extra bit of foam to help keep him properly positioned on the bike when he tucks on the straights.

  • Y.A.

    Did I miss them or did you not mention racing slicks? That’s a pretty big difference. Nice piece though.

    • TroySiahaan

      Well, if I were to list everything then it would be much more than a Top 10 list…

      • Y.A.

        Tires are kind of a biggie IMO. You can get CF fairings, forged wheels and an aftermarket exhaust on a factory bike. Those wrenches n sockets look an awful lot like mine. Just a lot of things that I’m surprised beat slicks. Slicks prob have the biggest impact on lap times aside from suspension/brakes/HP/gearing

  • Frank

    I’m amazed at how little safewire there is on the bolts/nuts of this bike. Must have reduced rules for this in the USA?

  • fastfreddie

    I find the most striking difference between superbikes and stock ones are stickers…;)

    I wish they would drop all the electronic gadgetry and go back to elementary controls,highsides be damned.

  • Craig Hoffman

    Interesting article. Yamaha is going to own this season though, the new R1 has the best electronics package and it has Josh Hayes 😉

    • yamaha’s cheap shot using baby m1’s for super-bike racing

      • Y.A.

        Fair game…. Aprilia’s RSV-4 is a scrapped MotoGP bike down to the 81mm bore and adjustable frame….

        • Kevin Duke

          78mm bore, actually.

    • Charles Gibson

      It’s not the team with the best motorcycle, crew or rider. It’s how well the team works together; sponsers included. That’s whats going to win races. R1 is nothing special.