2. 1958 Norton Dominator


This Model 88 Dominator, freshly beribboned from the 2014 Greystone Mansion Concours d’Elegance, is another one of Yoshi’s favorites. Just your basic perfectly restored Featherbed-framed, 500cc Twin streetbike from the ’50s, this one’s another brand-new relic, a perfect slice of history, complete with oil slick.

  • fastfreddie

    That R90 chopper was cool-apart from the strange colour scheme,but one can always repaint.

    Why is there three filler caps on that Crocker?One would think one would be enough…

    • john burns

      I seem to recall the oil tank is inside the gas tank.

  • flx48

    R50, or maybe R60, but certainly no R69.

  • TonyCarlos

    Times have changed, and so has inflation. Back in the day I had the big brother to Yoshi’s 250, an RD350. Same exact paint scheme. Didn’t like it much, and eventually sold for the going rate for good used Japanese bikes : $2 per cc.

    • RoadRash

      That’s a 1970 R5 350, not an RD250. 1973 was the only year for RD250. Don’t believe me? Google Image 1970 R5 350 and that bike in the pic comes up

      • john burns

        Yup it is R5. I thought they were same thing, no? I stand corrected.

        • RoadRash

          I also stand corrected myself- there was a 1974 and 1975 RD250!