5. Honda CTX1300

Honda CTX1300

What is it?
The second bike in the CTX line of Hondas almost doubles the displacement of the original CTX700. Although based on the same Comfort Technology eXperience concept, the CTX1300 is looking towards a slightly different rider. Where the 700 was seeking to appeal to folks who may not have ridden before, the 1300 leverages the ST1300-derived V-4 engine to create a sportier touring version of the CTX for experienced riders. The family bone structure remains the same from the long-nosed fairing and shorty windshield to the integrated hard bags. While Honda sees this bike as an entry point to its premium touring line of motorcycles, it appears to straddle an interesting line between standard motorcycles and cruisers – offering some of the appeal of both classes.

Why are we excited to ride it?
Did you read the part where it has a ST1300 engine? The retuned liquid-cooled 1261cc longitudinally mounted powerplant will deliver tons of torque from the bottom end all the way through the rpm range. Also, we’re always interested when a manufacturer produces a line of motorcycles that enflames both positive and negative passions, and the CTX has evoked strong opinions on both sides. This is a clear sign that something is being done right but just differently enough to stress out less flexible perspectives. Think about a sport-touring motorcycle with a cruiserish riding position, a rare V-4 powerplant, and a stylishly aggressive look with integrated saddlebags. You can learn more about the VTX1300 in our preview article or watch the Dukester’s video impressions from EICMA.