3. EBR 1190RX

EBR 1190RX

What is it?
The EBR 1190RX is the production sportbike Erik Buell has always wanted to make. Sure, there was the 1190RS before it, but there’s only 35 of them and they cost nearly 50-large ($46,495). The 1190RX is a new version of the RS designed for larger-scale production and boasts technology like 21-level traction control, full-color TFT instrumentation, an LED headlight and the use of magnesium to keep weight down to 419 lbs. ready-to-ride (minus fuel). The big difference between the RX and RS is the much more reasonable price tag: $18,995.

Why are we excited to ride it?
Two numbers: 185 and 102. Those are the respective horsepower and torque (in ft-lb) figures the 1190RX is reported to deliver. To finally ride Erik Buell’s master creation — one built without the constraints of The Motor Company — will be exciting in itself. Buell has always thought outside the box, and we’ve always liked the sweet-handling chassis Buells have been known for. If the 1125R was a taste of what was to come, then the 1190RX has us truly foaming at the mouth. We were saddened when Buell closed its doors and were cautiously optimistic when EBR then opened. So in this particular case, we’re excited about more than just a motorcycle, we’re excited about potentially realizing the American sportbike dream come to life.