The Best of the Best: Part One


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The T595 is a terrific street bike. On the track ... well, it's a terrific street bike.







Triumph's T595 Daytona


Chuck Graves really liked the big Triumph. He found it reminiscent of his old GSX-R1100 racers.  


The Daytona was slowest at the strip (10.75 @ 128.48 mph), but posted a competitive launch time of 1.795.

In our unofficial Best of the Best Beauty Contest the T595 was runner-up to the radical R1. 


Comfortable ergonomics didn't hamper the fun when the pace kicked up.


Manufacturer: Triumph
Model: 1998 Daytona T595
Price: $10,695 
Engine: liquid-cooled inline DOHC Triple
Bore and Stroke: 79mm x 65mm
Displacement: 955cc
Carburetion:  Sagem Fuel Injection 
Transmission: 6 speed wet, multi-plate gear
Wheelbase: 56.7" (1440mm)
Seat Height: 31.5" (800mm)
Fuel Capacity: 4.0 gallons (15.L)
Claimed Dry Weight: 436 lbs (198kg)
Measured Wet Weight: 499 lbs (226kg)
Peak Horsepower:  112.67 bhp at 9,250 rpm
Peak Torque: 69.93 ft-lbs at 7,250 rpm
Quarter Mile: 10.75 at 128.48 mph


Suzuki's GSX-R750


The GSX-R is a demon on the racetrack, but the tight and technical Streets of Willow didn't let it open up and have its head.

The primary change to the '98 engine is fuel injection, replacing the 39mm Mikuni carbs. The 46mm throttle bodies, two-stage system is similar to the FI used on the TL1000.


Also new for '98 is a larger ram air box with 50% more intake that increases airflow and decreases intake resistance along with a stronger generator and digital-direct ignition system that produces hotter sparks. Intake valve lift is increased from 8.5mm to 8.7mm and exhaust valve cam lift was reduced .4 mm with more duration on the intake cam and less on the exhaust cam.

Know your enemy, this is the smiling face that'll kill you. "I don't get how this bike is so popular," quipped Associate Editor Billy Bartels, "it's painful to ride on the street."


At LACR the peaky GSX-R ripped of a 10.64 @ 131.44mph (60ft reaction 1.806) to come in fourth behind the more tractable CBR...

...However it fried its slightly weak clutch doing so. We toasted the last GSX-R750 clutch we had too.


It may only be fourth in this shootout, but you won't see any 750cc bikes stepping up to bat against the Gixxer.


Manufacturer: Suzuki
Model: 1998 GSX-R750
Price: $9,299 
Engine: liquid-cooled inline DOHC
Bore and Stroke: 72 x 46mm 
Displacement: 749cc
Carburetion: Fuel Injection
Transmission: 6 speed, constant mesh
Wheelbase: 55.1" (1395mm)
Seat Height: 32.7" (830mm)
Fuel Capacity: 4.8 gallons (18L)
Claimed Dry Weight: 395 lbs (179kg)
Measured Wet Weight: 466 lbs (216kg)
Peak Horsepower:  120.23 bhp at 12,000 rpm
Peak Torque: 58.49 ft-lbs at 10,000 rpm
Quarter Mile: 10.64 at 131.44 mph

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