2011 Supersport Shootout - Street [Video]

Honda CBR600RR vs. Kawasaki ZX-6R vs. Suzuki GSX-R600 vs. Yamaha R6


Taken on the merits of individual performance, the CBR600RR, GSX-R600 and R6 are spectacular motorcycles in their own right. But when price matters, like it does for the street rider – not so much for the racer who’ll likely spend thousands more in race prep – the Kawasaki, with a still-strong performance package, is vaulted to the top for street duty by virtue of its remarkable MSRP of $9999 that offers a savings anywhere from a little less than $700 to as much as $1600 in this crowd.

2011 Supersport Shootout

Oftentimes we, your dedicated test riders here at this illustrious webzine, didn’t see eye-to-eye on various aspects of each of these race-crafted, capable and fun machines. But when we put ourselves in the shoes of the buyer, the guy or gal laying out the greenbacks to garage one of these supersport dynamos, we all agreed choosing the Kawasaki ZX-6R is a no-brainer.

The new GSX-R600 is a significant step forward from the previous model, boasting an improved suspension, power delivery, brakes and appearance. The only thing keeping it out of top spot is the group’s highest MSRP.

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