You know better than to ride around trucks any longer than absolutely necessary, but a far more insidious danger is the unprofessional vacationista whose load-securing skills are often primitive. Whenever you see somebody towing a boat, a trailer, or   especially  a boat or a trailer with a bunch of other junk strapped onto or around it, expect this to happen and ride accordingly, i.e., nowhere around it. Especially not behind it. That goes double for the bane of Southern California motorists, the gardening truck, which is often a rolling obstacle course of weedwackers, rakes, and aluminum ladders yearning to break free. If you see someone holding a mattress to his roof with one hand out the window, know you’ll be the one most likely to take a nap if you’re silly enough to ride behind him

This rider got back up; we wish him a speedy recovery.

  • Gruf Rude

    Ouch. Watching the crash develop, I got the impression the rider was done in by target fixation.

    • Aaron Morris

      Maintaining a safe following distance would have helped here as well (it seems as though he was a decent bit under the two second mark.)

      • BDan75

        Good idea in theory. In practice, anywhere near a city, your two-second gap fills up with a new car almost instantly (though in this case that would have been a plus).

    • The rider seems to be afflicted with a lack of self-preservation. He doesn’t make any immediate avoidance maneuver, and note that his brake light doesn’t illuminate until milliseconds before impact. Then, as he’s tumbling, pay attention to his choice of riding gear. It’s a sad situation, but not one that demands my full sympathy.

      • Ian Parkes

        I agree with Gruf and the target stare. Yes, milliseconds – but surely over a thousand of them – between braking and squeegiing. I thought he was initially looking to ride around it, but went the wrong way – he wasn’t expecting the roll to roll. I liked his own roll though – might have saved some deep grazes but not as much as bike gear, obviously.

        • john burns

          to give him benefit of doubt, it looked like he wanted to ride around the right of the object, which unfortunately kept rolling that way also… while also looking in his mirrors so as not to be ass-packed by the vehicle shooting the video and others… a lot of things going on suddenly at once.

    • ‘Mike Smith

      I read that he had only been riding for 2 days and didn’t know how to avoid it.

  • JMDonald

    It almost happened to me on the toll road out of Newport going into Laguna. An unsecured bookshelf in the back of a pickup caught air and flew out of the back hitting the pavement breaking into a hundred pieces. I was far enough back that I was able to get through the debris field without consequence. That incident scarred me for life.

    • fzrider

      I bet a lot of good riders got good because of incidents like yours. I’ve had a few over the years and besides “scarring” me for life they made me better and more careful. Wish there was a shortcut to “experience”.

    • Evan

      Hind sight is 20 20. Definately should have avoided the trailer. Went left,braked earlier and if he knew he was going to hit it, throttled up instead of braking at the last second to prepare his suspension for the coming obstacle he was about roll over/jump.

  • Randy R. Lebel

    I’ve seen a 19′ boat come off of trailers before. F’ing idiots can’t tie their shoes on right.

  • Old MOron

    I agree wholeheartedly with you, JB. Just allow me to say a word in defense of the humble SoCal gardeners. These guys don’t make a ton of money, and their tools are their livelihood. So I would expect them to secure the tools properly in the back of a truck.

    I still don’t follow them, but they’re probably a step better than your moronic vacationista.

  • 9mileboy

    I hope they caught that SOB. You’er responsible to secure your cargo.

  • Old MOron

    Hey Evans, you’re handy with a rope. Maybe this calls for another MOronic how-to article. I realize that no matter how good you make it, some moron is going to claim it’s wrong, but nobody said being a wing-footed moto demigod was going to be easy.

  • Donnie

    I once saw a horse fall out of the back of a horse trailer. It was hard to ride around all of the entrails as they were being expelled from the car behind hitting it. Real gruesome.

    • john burns

      wow. That needs to be in a Jim Carrey movie.

      • Bananapants Ficklefart

        preferably with Jim Carrey being the one falling out of the horse trailer.

  • Larry Kahn

    Was behind a small flatbed, saw something drop to the road, moments later it was clear it was the nut holding the hitch-ball. Road curved right, trailer went straight crossing the left lane and up the embankment. Bike coming up the hill towards the scene and I was able to wildly signal to him to SLOW WAY DOWN! Timing is everything. Watch it.

  • SRMark

    Love how the cars just drove around the bike without stopping. Lots of places to point fingers in this one. One thing to consider is some sort of med-evac insurance for such happenings. I just got a bill for a 20 mile flight for $43K. Stupid stuff happens and it can get ungodly expensive real fast. My med bills were a hell of a lot more than the flight too.

    • Th3r3ds0x

      Looks like 3 cars stopped on the shoulder.

    • RyYYZ

      Insurance for my bike up here (in Ontario, Canada) is pretty pricey compared to a lot of places (CDN$800/yr), but it does include accident benefits and coverages that will pay for stuff like that. Good thing, too, because while we do have single-payer healthcare, in this province ambulance (and air ambulance) rides are not covered by it. BC has a flat rate for all rides (more for those from out of province) that charges you the same whether it’s a 10-minute ride to the local hospital, or a 90 minute life flight from the middle of nowhere.

  • Buzz

    Anytime I see something strapped to anything (including surfboards!), I get the hell out of the way. I own a boat and would never hang anything off the back like that moron did.

    I once saw a rider really close behind a flat bed truck with pallets stacked a mile high. He was just rolling down the freeway oblivious to the doom in front of him. I didn’t stick around to see if all the pallets remained on the truck.

  • John B.

    If you’ve spent more than 30 seconds on Twitter you know it’s impossible not to ride behind morons, which I guess is the point. Rather than being fatalistic about all the shit that happens to motorcyclists, we need ever more vigilance. PS – I wonder when the PC police will make moron shaming verboten.

  • JSinclair39

    Lots of mistakes by the rider including his choice of gear. He should have went left.

  • mikeinkamloops

    Isn’t it illegal in a lot of states for vehicles that are towing to be in the left lane? Anyway, the rider should have twigged that the roll was going right, and he should have gone left. Hope fully with the video, the trailer puller can be charged.

    • Coy Coleman

      Split second decision. Looks like he was going to power past it but made the wrong turn.

  • john phyyt

    “Do Not Ride Behind Morons” Did you mean Rossi or Marquez?

    • Jay Stevens

      I will be willing to bet that neither Rossi nor Marquez ride on the street like they ride on the track.

  • Pushr0d

    A few years ago, a bunch of ‘squids’ passed my SUV while riding in an “adventurous” manner. As we came off the bridge, I saw all but two of them pass a clapped-out Ford pickup on the right side. As the second-to-last guy passed the truck, the wind caught the bed liner and threw it 20 feet straight up. The last guy looked up in time to see the liner doing a falling leaf impression, and it hit him flat on his back as he ducked. He wobbled a little bit and kept on going. Only he and the person doing his laundry knows how scared he was.

  • bbally

    Stepped on his crank a couple times during this accident.
    While the fault legally lay on the guy with the unsecured load. (who was not tracked down)
    The lack of situational awareness presented by the Newbie Rider was a contributing factor to his medical deductible being met.
    Do not ever ride behind shitt that can fly off of something. Change lanes, take a different route, but do something to change your situation.
    To the cars that went around the bike to continue on, but did not get the plate number off the truck … you are the reason the country is starting to suck so bad!
    The rider admitted he was new to street bikes; tough lesson learned, but he lived to speak about it.

  • Jay F

    Glad he’s okay but don’t target fix man! I know it’s easier said than done but shit man, that look painful.

  • Bare1

    Anytime you’re riding behind someone, expect him/her to be a moron, that goes for all those around you, too. They don’t have to be hauling anything to knock you on your butt! My motto is; PAY ATTENTION! PAY ATTENTION! PAY ATTENTION!

  • Alejandro Vandalay

    He kind of stuck the landing on the first hop though 😉

  • Coy Coleman

    Hard to anticipate that bounce. Looked to be a fast nimble bike but chose the wrong way. Nasty! I hope the boat hauler was cited and their insurance paid up.