Winning our Reader’s Choice award for top scooter is the same scoot your MO staff picked, the BMW C650… wait, what? You voted for the $10,999 Honda NM4? Wow, we didn’t see that one coming. In fact, the final voting wasn’t even that close, either – the Honda’s 36.3% of the votes gave it a commanding lead over the second-place finisher, BMW’s C650GT, with only 21.4% of the votes. The Suzuki Burgman 650 ABS came in a close third, with 19.6% of the votes.

2015 Honda NM4 Review


Best Scooter Of 2014

The NM4 is certainly unique, and its quirky exterior attracts attention like nothing else. As far as commuting duties go, its fuel-efficient 670cc parallel-Twin is great for the task and its Dual Clutch Transmission is responsive in ways a conventional CVT can’t be. A low, 25.6-inch seat height is attractive to riders of various shapes and sizes, with the added bonus of its passenger seat doubling as a backrest. Even though the small storage compartments were a disappointment to our own John Burns in his review, they clearly didn’t seem to bother you much. Its looks might be polarizing, but the NM4 is a worthwhile people’s champ in the scooter category.

Reader’s Choice Best of 2015 winners:

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  • Vrooom

    I’ll never own a bike with that seating position again after trying it once 20 years ago. It’s cool looking (sort of, in a futuristic sort of way), the engine sounds capable, but that weight on my tailbone limits long rides or poor roads. I suppose with a scooter long rides isn’t the point.

    • 12er

      Thats my cruiser experience in a nutshell even without foot forward controls, Just too low for my legs so everything is transmitted right up my spine.

      • Buzz

        Half a Caterpillar would be too small for you.

        • 12er

          Only two cruisers that have semi fit, the original Valkyrie and the Triumph Rocket III, beyond those I need a back brace and a helmet painted like a fez.

  • Jaime Cruz

    WTF?? When did MO’s reader base become Manga fanboyz??

  • cbolling

    Loose the chain and I would consider it.

  • Great discussion here on how sad it is that this could be considered a scooter;

  • Piglet2010

    Would NOT trade in my Honda Deauville (or a Silver Wing, if I owned one) for this.

  • Tim Quinn

    This is NOT a scooter!

    • JoMeyer

      It is indeed a scooter!

      Nah, just stirring. At least Honda has given a better target to the crowd that still considers the NC700/750 a scooter.

  • Buzz

    A bike that doesn’t exist for Best Electric and now this Goober machine?

    What readers are voting? Dork World monthly?

    • Old MOron

      These are the pre-agreed winners between VerticalScope and the OEM sponsors.

      • Buzz

        I know.

        The “readers” may thing it’s the best at something but head down to your local Big Four dealer and this POS is known as a “floor anchor.”

        • Old MOron

          Well, they’ve sold at least one of them.

          • Buzz

            The batman helmet proves my Dork World monthly comment.

          • Old MOron

            I’m in the choir, so preach on, Reverend Buzz. Preach on.

          • 12er

            Great, now I got “same Bat time, same Bat Channel” stuck in my head and for some reason this pic keeps on swirling and Im waiting to see “POW” or “BAM”


    Maybe Honda will keep it in the product lineup now, and offer more color choices.

  • “It’s not a scooter” — To be said in Arnold Schwarzenegger “It’s not a tumor” voice.

    Honda refers to the NM4 as a cruiser and I think that’s a closer description.

  • Jack Meoph

    The NM4 is not a scooter.