• The SYM trick question got me…. 9/10 🙁

    • Douglas

      Me, too….dirty pool, irregardless of the caveats at the header…..

  • Mahatma

    Got a surprising 8/10.Some were dead easy,but others,like Sean Alexanders example,not so easy.

  • Starmag

    I’m not even admitting what I got on this. Let’s just say it was BAD ( Below Average Dunce ). Given these are marketing dept. nonsense that comes and goes, I don’t commit a lot of memory to them.

  • John B.

    I got 7/10, which is passing right?

  • Donnie

    9/10, I’ve been around this motorcycle thing too long. Only missed the one Honda two stroke stratified thing. I remembered it but forgot the stupid name!
    Please don’t ask me my wife’s phone number or what bank I use, I have no idea.

  • Terry Smith

    10/10; I need to get out more.

  • Vrooom

    7/10, there were a couple I got wrong it was a wild guess.

  • HeDidn’tWeDid

    9/10 Now what would be interesting is to have a group of Harley riders take this test. Maybe I just talk to the wrong ones, but I have never me many that were very knowledgeable about motorcycles inside or beyond the HD brand.

    • Steven P Glynn

      I got 8 and I’m a Harley rider. Of course I’ve also had a Suzuki (GS 750) a Honda (Shadow 1100), a Yamaha (Stratoliner), a BMW (R1150RS) and 2 Indians (Chiefs), and yes I am old.

      • HeDidn’tWeDid

        I know my statement was a generalization and not all HD riders are moto-ignorant.

      • 12er

        You’re a “Motorcyclist” that rides a Harley.

  • sgray44444

    8/10. I’m ignorant about 2 strokes in general, so the Honda one was a mystery.

  • I had no idea what most of them were but you can figure it out from the associated picture. Assuming you know what the mechanicals of a motorcycle are.

  • BDan75

    Actual score 6/10. But if anybody apart from you guys asks, I’m calling it 7/10, because I would have gotten the first question right if I hadn’t thought the illustration was probably a trick.

  • James Stewart

    8/10. Damn EuroTrash bikes got me…
    RFVC? Really Burns? How far did you have go back into your sordid Honda XR past to pull that one out?

  • Navroze Contractor

    Only 6/10…..booo