Intelligent Cranium Helmets is developing a prototype helmet with more electronic functionality than any other smart helmet available or imagined. The iC-R features twin full-color heads-up displays, twin rear-facing cameras, a LiDAR rear collision alert system, an electronically tinting visor, built-in Bluetooth communications, phone connectivity, and a solar panel to help power all this equipment. Can a helmet with this much future tech be realized with current batteries? Get approved by DOT, Snell or ECE? ICH says yes, and that the company can do it for a retail price less than $1,600. According to the most recent update (1/6/2016) on the company’s website, ICH has entered into development agreements with:

  • A solar power company that has the capabilities to develop the entire power system for the iC-R helmet, such as the: power circuitry, batteries (which are light weight & will not explode on impact), and the solar panel of course.
  • A prototyping company with the capabilities to develop the iC-R shell and other components for our first physical prototype.

“The companies we’ve partnered with will begin development in January 2016! We’re currently in discussions with a software company that has the capabilities to develop: the main software for the iC-R helmet, our planned companion app, and much more.”

  • 12er

    I’ll get brain cancer the old fashioned way….

  • john phyyt

    This is the future . May be useful on and off cycle. Think security and para-military applications.. Need to embrace this tech.
    Night Vision. Replace ugly guages ;advance warning of road conditions other vehicles traffic jams etc etc. Too good to not have it all.

  • Alexander Pityuk

    Damn, so cool! If only helmets were not disposable items…

  • Cookie Monster

    And the Weight is……….until realise it’s bulky and heavy

  • Matt Gustafson

    “Will start development in January 2016” meaning that right now it’s vaporware. I want a helmet with thermal imaging, similar to the flir system, to aid in avoiding deer at night.

  • Starmag

    This isn’t a unexpected development, but I’m really holding out for SmartBriefs that link to my Smartphone so I can get Smartstats on my SmartJunk.

    Maybe eventually I can block out the real world entirely. I can almost feel the self immersion already. Joy.

    • motomuso

      That’s gonna require a subscription to iBalls, but it also monitors eWaste,

  • GlennIsDead

    $1600 for a helmet? No thanks. I’ll use my MIRRORS.

    • Ricky Allen

      If you’d read it like normal people, it said less than $1,600. They also plan on being cheaper than Skully, which is around $1,200.

  • GlennIsDead

    Also, a buzz at 420 feet? If you ride in a city, that’s ALL the time!