Time Savers or Trouble Makers?

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RoadWired Travelock Security Kit

When it comes to simply but effective gadgetry the RoadWired Travelock Security Kit is hard to beat. The key to preventing theft is to take away the ease for the crook. Most thieves are opportunists. If they see something that looks like it's even moderately secured they will pass it by and go for the easier target. The Travelock is your friend to this end. The kit consists of a small, square locking mechanism, one very short and one very long "braided galvanized steel cable with PVC coating and nickel plated brass headers" , a computer lock and two key cards--one wallet size and one for your key chain.

Our own Fonzie has been using this kit for sometime, long before the rest of us knew about it, for his camera cases and the like, having found it in a camera store first. There's no end to the number of things that can be quickly and conveniently secured with this pocket-sized gizmo; however, the laptop connector does not work with Apple laptops, bummer.

It's relatively easy to operate: choose the cable length you'll need, snap both ends into the lock and you're done. To release the lock simply slide the key card into the slot on the side of the lock. Our best results came when we inserted the key card up from the bottom rather than directly into the side of the lock. The release was finicky at times with one of the ends of the cable not wanting to let go at the same time the other one did. But with a little practice and patience it's easy to master. We used it to secure helmets to bikes and to secure our computers. But as mentioned above there's no limit to the uses of this much-needed tool for the motorcyclist. The Travlelock Security Kit retails for $15.95

SpiderWeb Strap

Have you stretched you cargo nets and bungee cords to within an inch of their useable life? Do you wish you had something that had more than just a few securing points? Tired of the metal on the bungee hooks wearing through the cheap, vinyl coating and ruining your paint or tearing your seat? Well look no further than the SpiderWeb Strap from Accurate Plastics, Inc.

Consisting of injection-molded rubber, this SpiderWeb goes beyond the norm by offering what is one of the nicest features available on a strap system: the ability to remove the all-plastic hooks in a heartbeat. This allows you to configure a variety of securing points in no time at all. And the fact that they're plastic means no more scratchy scratchy on the paint and chrome. The manufacturer claims that it will stretch up to 300% of its original size. The other nice benefit is the grip that the rubber offers. Once you've secured your item you'll be hard pressed get the web to slip and slide. Securing a helmet to the seat was our favorite use for this simple net. But like many of the items in this story, it can be used for any number of chores. And as the manufacturer says: "This is a quality product that is made in the USA, and carries a lifetime Manufacturers warranty." The SpiderWeb Strap retails for $10.00.


The Super-Visor

"The SUPER-VISOR was developed as a simple low cost solution to a dangerous riding situation. Priced to allow all riders to enjoy its benefits the SUPER-VISOR is a sun-blocking visor designed to fit all full-face helmets. Digitally engineered in DOT approved plastic the SUPER-VISOR aerodynamic style will actually improve the look of most helmets and quiets wind noise from your helmet."

That's the claim of the maker of the Super-Visor. With a different take on sun blocking than the Helmet Sunblocker listed above, the Super-Visor attaches to the exterior of the helmet lens. One nice feature of this sun beating attachment is its ability to be removed via a set of clips that are permanently glued to the helmet's lens. If you're not concerned with the original integrity of the look of your helmet, then by all means consider this product. Be prepared to wait about a day to use you new Super-Visor though, as the curing time on the glue is several hours and is best served by letting in set-up overnight. The installation is somewhat involved but once it's completed you'll be rewarded with glare-free riding.

The Super-Visor comes in three-color choices: black, smoke and white and retails for $16.95.

Do-It-Yourself Visor Cleaning Kit

This is a product review unlike most product reviews. That's because there's really not much to buy, but you will find yourself using it a lot. The next time you're in the drugstore, find the bins that hold small plastic containers and bottle designed to carry shampoos and other toiletries when  you're traveling. There, you will find a cool plastic spray bottle about four inches high. Buy one of these, but have fun with the Walgreen's employees by pretending you're at the motorcycle parts counter and tell them you shouldn't have to pay $2.99 plus tax for that item because you know they only pay 19 cents each for them, and you can buy it mail order for $2.49.

After you've been escorted out by the security guard, go across the six-lane expressway to the Rite-Aid and pay $2.99 there. Don't complain this time. Instead, go to Lenscrafters or somewhere like it and purchase a bottle of eyeglasses cleaner. Note the obscene mark-up. Then, go home. Find the softest, most worn and washed 100% t-shirt you have and cut the sleeve off. Now you have a very compact visor cleaning kit that is easy to use, safe for plastic, and fits in almost any jacket pocket. Your friends will cluster around you at every riding stop and ask you to scrub their facesheilds, and your disembodied t-shirt sleeve will quickly look like a Jackson Pollack painting but you will have a great accessory, for not much money, and it will serve you well.

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