Suomy Gun Wind Helmet

Do you even know what a Suomy is?

Arai's Signet GT, it seems that almost everybody has an "Arai head." But how many people do you know have a Suomy head? Do you even know what a Suomy is?

In the 1950's, Vigano Accessori started out as a manufacturer of motorcycle accessories. They have continued growing their product line and have recently decided to add to their helmet line-up by entering the racing market with the "Suomy Project." These helmets have already gained notoriety with a number of World Superbike racers such as Troy Corser, Scott Russell, Troy Bayliss, Aaron Slight and Ben Bostrom, among others. Now, finally, these lids are available in the United States courtesy of distributor Gearbox International.

The helmet that was sent to us is the Gun Wind Aaron Slight Replica. This smart-looking lid with aboriginal designs integrated with a Kiwi bird on each side, befitting the New Zelander it pays homage to.  

We then opted to install an iridium visor which is absolutely critical since, um, it makes us look cool, actually, and that's all the reason we need.

This Gun Wind is made of Kevlar/carbon fiber/fiberglass construction, exceeds DOT-218 and ACU/BSI "Gold" standards and is approved for competition by the FIM, AMA and WERA. The helmet features special sound-absorbing polymers in the shell, venturi-effect upper exhaust vents and award-winning graphics by Bargy Designs. Another nice touch is that the helmet comes with a free Fog City[tm] ProShield anti-fog visor insert and is available in sizes XS - XXL.

Suomy's Aaron Slight replica is only one of ten excellent replicas from a company who's riders include Ben Bostrom, Troy Corser and Scott Russell. With may top lids like Shoeis and Arais costing upwards of $600 US Dollars, we're always willing to try out something that claims to offer similar comfort and performance at a lower price. At $399.95 this helmet offers a number of top-shelf features and still leaves some cash in your account.

Fit and feel are very close to that of similar Arai and Shoei models, and the ventilation is also on par. About the only area this helmet lags behind those other two manufacturers is in adjustability. The Suomy fit a bit loose in the cheek area for one tester in particular, and it would have been nice to swap cheek pads for a fit that was more snug. Still, the people at Gearbox International assure us that this problem has been remedied on the next-generation Suomys.One of the only gripes with this otherwise excellent helmet is the visor removal system. It snaps, crackles and pops too much for our tastes when the cover piece is snapped on and off.

The only other gripe we can muster is the visor's replacement system. It's simple and effective, but there are a few snaps involved. We have been assured that there haven't been any reports of breakage, any time we cringe from cracking and popping sounds made by small pieces of plastic, we get an uneasy feeling about the integrity of these parts a few months or years down the road.

The Suomy Gun Wind is an excellent helmet that is available in ten different replica paint jobs, each of which offers a nice way to stand-out in the sea of other helmets at your local hang-out . The fact that it costs even less than other similar helmets makes it even more attractive.

Motorcycle Online Rating:****

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