Pro Sport Dry Bones

One doesn't normally wear a rainsuit to look cool.

Typically, rainsuits spend most of their time crumpled up in the bottom of your saddlebag, donned only when the weather system dishes out its worst and you are dumb enough to get caught in it.

So while a durable, well-designed rainsuit is a must-have item, it doesn't make a lot of sense to pay huge retail mark-up for one emblazoned with First Gear or Harley-Davidson. Nobody really cares what you look like when you're all wet.

This value is the purpose behind Pro Sports Dry Bones rainsuit.

At a list price of $39.95 USD, the whole thing costs less than just the top half of many name-brand rainsuits. Better yet, it's well-made and boasts its share of motorcycle-friendly features.


The suit is constructed with nylon a PVC coating. The PVC lends the waterproof qualities while the nylon adds strength to prevent tearing. Welded seams add additional strength as well. Strength is important for when you frantically attempt to jam your boot through the leg of the pants under some overpass on the interstate.

To aid ingress/egress, the pants feature zippers up the side of each leg. They also feature stirrups.

The stirrups effectively keep the pants down over your Harley-style boots or down in your race-style boots, whichever the case may be. The stirrups also keep the pants tight so they don't flap around in the breeze.

The jacket features elastic around the waist area, providing a tighter fit to prevent flapping. The jacket also sports a zip-out hood, Velcro storm flap, Velcro wrist closures, a big cargo pocket and reflective arm bands.

An extra touch of quality is a soft, corduroy-like material lining the collar. A material similar to that used in a wet suit is employed by Pro Sport to seal out water around your wrists.

The pants come in black, while the jacket comes in black or a variety of higher-visibility colors.

Motorcycle Online Rating:****

Pro Sport's Dry Bones rainsuit is sized S-XXXL and is available through local dealers.

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