The 2017 Indian Motorcycle lineup is stacked and hardcore Indian fans will have a tough time choosing between all the options available to them. Which one is your favorite?

  • 12er

    Missing a means to vote. The 750 then the scouts as they seem to be more than just a land barge. Watching the 750’s at Sac Mile was awesome, granted it was only a race between the 3 but beat last years follow the leader race bigtime.

  • Buzz

    I like the Elizabeth Warren edition. It runs on unicorn tears.

  • Douglas

    A Roadmaster with the new Chieftain Elite front fender (and a center stand).


    FTR750. Chief Dan George version. He didn’t surrender. His horse did.

  • Fivespeed302

    Scout FTR750 all the way!

  • SRMark

    They all look like they belong in a Roger Rabbit movie. Except of course for the FTR750.

  • Old MOron

    Give me the FTR750, or give me something from another OEM.

  • Blake Newton


  • Sayyed Bashir

    Everyone is voting for the FTR750 which is only offered as a track bike for $50,000. They don’t like any of the regular Indian models, except maybe the Scout.

  • Auphliam

    I think I’d have to go with the Springfield. Form, function, and classic styling.

    I dig the FTR, but it has about as much chance of seeing production as P156. I actually kind of liked the Scout effort, but they fell short out of laziness, IMO. They can beat the “history of performance” drum all they want, but that thing is never going to be more than a cruiser for small people. Hell, the Octane was a better Scout than the Scout.

    Speaking of the Springfield, did MO ever get a chance to ride one along side a new M8 Road King? That might be a good comparo to see.

  • ADB

    How about a Scout FTR750 with a headlamp, tail lamp, turn signals, horn, and most of all…, a license plate?