2 stroke vs 4 stroke is a battle that will probably never come to an end but we want to know which engine configuration is preferred by our readers? Let us know below.

  • Craig Hoffman

    Two strokes are finally having a resurgence. Fuel injection, counterbalancers, oil injection are nice to have. A buddy has a ’17 KTM 300 XC, I have a ’13 model. The counterbalancer on the new bike is quite a revelation. It is easily as smooth as any 4 stroke. It feels like a turbine now, instead of a paint mixer. Power is comparable to my bike, but it has a more willing personality as it seemingly loves to rev. I like…

    Of course the ’18 model is bringing twin injectors in the form of transfer port mounted FI. Cool stuff indeed for the two stroke crowd.

    As for me, I have one of each – a 450 4T and the 300 2T. I love my dirt bikes. Life is good 🙂

    The 300, hanging out on Quartz trail near Pitkin, CO.


    The 450 at Sargents, CO.


  • mizkitty

    Learned to ride on a YZ in the ’70s.
    First street bike in high school was a brand new ’81 RD350LC.
    Traded it in when the ’84 RD500LC came out…
    Canada had all the cool bikes…

  • Jon Jones

    Hopefully there’ll be a resurgence of off-road two-strokes. The noise from four-strokes with loud exhaust is killing our sport. Even seemingly responsible people run loud-ass pipes for some retarded reason.

    • Craig Hoffman

      Agree. I have a stock exhaust on my Husaberg FE 450. The bike is stupid fast and it is quiet. I actually find that combo to be very enjoyable. It is like the serene and all powerful hand of God riding on that thing 🙂

      • Jon Jones

        Good man.

  • Buzz

    I know it’s a pipe dream but I’d love to see a modern 2 stroke street bike.

    I’d throw down immediately.

  • Bob Dragich
  • Gabriel Owens

    Honda grom is the CORRECT answer.

  • Mahatma

    Still waiting on the NSR500 for the street 🙂

  • kenneth_moore

    Neither. My dream bike is the motorcycle equivalent of the Tesla Model S. 90% of my rides are under 200 miles, and for those that go over (like last week’s 2k ride to NC and back) spending 20 minutes at a Supercharger type of facility would be a welcome break from the saddle.

    Having said that: I rode the classic Yamaha 2-stroke RD series and loved it for it’s light weight and high (HP to CC ratio) power. But the new Yamaha triples are very similar from a consumer perspective; high power from a small package, low weight, at a very reasonable price.

  • Erik

    Alta Redshift FTW