VholdR camcorder easier than ever

Wearable camera now offers ‘Easy to Edit’ software

By Motorcycle.Com Staff, Nov. 19, 2008
Helmet-mounted camera maker VholdR recently released its new ‘easy to edit’ software to meet the demands of the growing online community that is actively sharing video. The new software, which is Mac and PC compatible, enables anyone to tag, clip, and share their video adventures in seconds.

“VholdR is more than just a wireless, hands-free camcorder,” says Marc Barros, CEO and Co-Founder of VholdR. “Its wearable design, ‘easy to edit’ software, and click to share online experience are fueling an international community of sports enthusiasts who are mapping the world.”

VholdR's helmet-mounted camera records video from the rider's perspective.The VholdR wearable camcorder makes capturing your motorcycle adventure easy since the small, lightweight camera mounts quickly and easily. Video sharing is now as simple as connecting VholdR to your computer (via USB cable), tagging your videos, clipping the best parts, and clicking to share to VholdR.com. Then email a link to your friends to experience your adventure and discover its exclusive location on a Google map.

“We realized that millions of people around the world love skiing, riding mountain bikes, motorcycles, and even hang gliding, and yet there is no easy way to capture their adventures through video and share it online,” says Barros. “Our mission is simple. Make it easy for anyone to share video of their outdoor adventures.”

Just as the number of active sports enthusiasts continue to grow, increasing too are those who want to share that video footage quickly and easily online.