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Recall for 2010 Triumph Sprint ST and GT

Dipsticks may give false oil level reading

Triumph is issuing a recall for 2010 Sprint ST and Sprint GT models because their dipsticks are not the right length.

Because they are not the proper length, the dipsticks will not provide an accurate measure of oil level. The faulty dipsticks will falsely indicate the engine is overfilled with oil, potentially leading people to remove oil to align with the markings. Inadequate oil levels may cause the engine to seize, potentially causing a crash.

According to documents filed with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the problem was identified in September from stock at Triumph’s factory. A new dipstick and oil filler plug was designed, and entered into production.

triumph sprint gt

Dealers will replace the original oil plug/dipsticks with the new part. The new component can be identified by the hole in the plug’s handle.

The recall campaign affects units produced between Aug. 2010 and Oct. 2010, encompassing 216 units.

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