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Aftermarket ABS

I realize that motorcycle ABS can be a touchy topic, but hey, I love the ABS on my Beemer. Problem is, I would also like to get a naked sportbike but, for some strange reason, they don't make these hooligan bikes with ABS. Go figure. A Speed Triple w/ ABS, how about that to fan the moto ABS flames?

Anyway, I am curious if anyone knows of aftermarket ABS or if this is even feasible. The only thing I came across was this non-electric ABS: ehicles/automobile/abs/index.htm

It works by restricting the brake fluid pressure to prevent brakes locking. It seems woefully inadequate as it is only applicable to the combination of weight and terrain under which it is tuned. Add a passenger or get on some wet pavement and it isn't going to prevent locking (unless you happened to tune it with that same passenger and similarly dampened pavement).

So, is adding a real ABS to a Triple or Monster in the realm of possibility, or should I just go get an R1150R?

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